Fund Philosophy

Paladin Funds were established to achieve long term appreciation. A secondary consideration is capital preservation during periods of market turmoil. We designed to fund to be flexible and nimble in order to better navigate the markets, no matter the state of the economy. This means that we can hold stocks and other instruments, we can be short or long, and we can choose to hold for whatever duration we feel is appropriate.img3

  1. I like to call the fundamental strategy, core & edge. Keep core positions and trade around the edge.
  2. At heart I like solid fundamental stories showing excessive growth (bottom up analysis); which generally leads me to mid caps or larger small caps
  3. I Use macro economic views (top down) to focus on what groups to favor or disfavor
  4. I use simple (basic) technical analysis to hopefully provide entry/ exit points
  5. I have both long and short positions; the weightings are based on viewpoints of the market at the time
  6. Cash is not evil; it is an effective tool in bear markets Time frame is dependent on the type of market
  7. I tend to be a trend trader and like to focus on relative strength.