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Paladin Long Short Fund (PALFX) has begun operations as of December 15, 2011

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  • Paladin Long Short Fund seeks to create long term growth of capital, using a flexible and adaptive investment approach. Rather than focusing solely on traditional fundamental analysis, a hybrid model of fundamental and technical analysis is utilized. Fund management involves a three pronged approach of:

i. ‘top down’ macroeconomic analysis
ii. ‘bottom up’ company and sector analysis,
iii. overlaid with technical analysis.

The mutual fund will have positions that are long the market (benefiting when assets rise in value), balanced with various hedging techniques to attempt to benefit from assets that are falling without using protective options like forex bonuses or similar deals. Hence the long-short designation. A relative lack of correlation with the broader market, and emphasis on risk control are highlights of the fund. A version of Warren Buffet‘s “2 Rules” are embraced: Rule 1 – try to reduce opportunities to lose money. Rule 2 – never forget rule 1.

  • Why Paladin? While paladins are generally associated with a medieval European legend of 12 knights who were followers of Charlemagne, we use the term here in a much broader sense. That is: a guardian, keeper, or protector. In this case of our investor’s money. While striving to obtain positive gains, the flagship fund [and all future Paladin family funds] will balance appreciation of assets, with the desire to protect capital from losses during periods of market turmoil.

The Paladin Long Short Fund can be purchased either by opening a direct account or through various brokerages. (read more)

Paladin Funds were established to balance capital preservation and long term appreciation.